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Indigenous Crossroads Canada-Mexico: Roundtable series

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March 15, 2022

As part of Canada’s commitment to deepen Canada-Mexico bilateral ties and collaboration on Indigenous affairs and reconciliation, the Embassy is hosting a series of round tables engaging stakeholders from the Mexican and Canadian Governments, civil society and academia. These unique dialogues allow to strengthen cooperation, amplifying Indigenous voices in both countries and promoting exchanges on cultural, socio-economic and political issues.

Roundtable 1: The participation of Indigenous Women in Decision-making Processes

December 10, 2021: Watch the video 

Canada advocates for the right of Indigenous women to participate — and to be heard — in decision-making processes at the global and local level. The active contributions of Indigenous peoples at all decision-making levels inform and enrich our discussions and contribute to fairer societies. Our first roundtable will bring together five Indigenous women experts from Mexico and Canada for an exchange on their respective experiences, best practices and lessons learned with regard to the participation of Indigenous women in decision-making processes.


Roundtable 2: Implementing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

February 17, 2022: Watch the video

Names and photos of participants in the event. Graeme C. Clark, Canadian Ambassador to Mexico; Céleste McKay, Moderator, Céleste McKay Consulting Inc; Lea Nicholas-Mackenzie, Panelist, LNM Indigenous Consulting; Saúl Vicente Vázquez, Panelist, INPI; Diana Kwan & Stacey Lambert, Panelists, CIRNAC; Margarita Gutiérrez Romero, Panelist, Coord. National of Indigenous Women.

Canada is committed to implementing the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) in line with its constitutional and international obligations, as well as advancing the rights of Indigenous peoples globally. Our second roundtable will bring together experts from Mexico and Canada for a discussion on experiences and best practices with regard to the implementation of the UNDRIP in both Mexico and Canada.

Roundtable 3: Indigenous Women’s Leadership in the Prevention of Human Trafficking

Thursday March 25: Watch video

Canada is committed to ending trafficking in persons at home and abroad, protecting and promoting human rights, and preserving the dignity of all people. Our third roundtable will focus on the project “Detection and prevention of human trafficking within Indigenous communities in Mexico”, which UNODC Mexico implemented in collaboration with INPI and the Indigenous Women Homes, with ACCBP funding.